DEI - Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Journey 

Iambic Pentameter Shakespeare Inspired:

In ordereth to create a sense o
Most welcometh belonging, the Pulp Stage
Consistently revieweth systems
O networking and operation to
Empowereth and amplifi-eth a
Most numerous amount o inherent
N diversifi-eth gentlefolk within
The community, especially wi
Our goals o producing, writing, acting,
Directing and more

Anon! The Pulp stage provideth utmost
Dedication t accessibility
And contnueth to adhereth to
ADA standards o practice. If we naught,
Alas! Strike upon us thee wrath o thee
As the Pulp Stage continueth outreach
And our education for creating
A company environment nd culture
That is saf’r for the most greatest range o
Collab’rat’rs, Pulp Stage welcometh input
From gentlefolk outside the company,
Particularly  BIPoC gentlefolk

Hark! If thou appreciateth our style
O storytelling and thou aligns thou
Self with a marginaliz’d gentlefolk
Please reacheth outeth to us so that our
Eyes can find opportunities that doth
Occur t worketh together. If thee
Can refereth others to us as well,
Tis a vital call.

Thou sendeth a carrier pigeon to with
Thou’s  referrals, ideas, interests, o
Concerns so that the Pulp Stage canneth
Re-evaluateth Any planned
Inclusivity actions to better
Serveth all gentlefolk in all hamlets


The Pulp Stage is actively revising its systems of operation and networking in order to create a more welcoming sense of belonging.

We want to empower and amplify a variety of inherent and acquired diverse voices within our community especially in our goals of producing, writing, acting, directing, and more.

We are dedicated to accessibility and continue to adhere to the ADA standards of practice.

As we continue our education and outreach for creating a company environment that is safer for a greater range of collaborators, we welcome input from people outside of the company, particularly BIPoC. You can click the link here if you have any questions or suggestions.

Our goal is to empower and amplify a variety of diverse voices within our community through our company goals of production, celebration, and creative opportunities such as writing, acting, directing, and more.

If you appreciate our style of storytelling and you align yourself with a marginalized population, please reach out to us so we can see what opportunities there might be to work together. Referrals are vital, as well.

Our goals and Planned Inclusivity-Actions are subject to change through company circumstances and input from our audiences, particularly BIPoC.