That Damned Hotel

The Pulp Stage's original supernatural comedy serial by John Marks.

The place: Hollow Grove Hotel, a lovely establishment that's been the site of only a few (dozen) murders over the years. Also, it stands over a portal to hell, so it might have a minor demon infestation. But, no bedbugs!

Recorded periodically during live recording sessions broadcast to YouTube and then released on the Pulp Podcast

See links to every episode and an interview with show creator John Marks below.

Latest Episode

Episode 27: The City Hall Job
In this episode: Mustaches! Toilet floods! Bad guys! Ice Cream!

Meet That Damned Cast

Hollow Grove's favorite hotel is home to an intriguing cast of characters. Meet the denizens of That Damned Hotel. 


Frank is bright, earnest, perpetually stressed-the-hell-out, and does NOT believe in demons. Will his personal drive lead to heroism or paralysis? 


Eugenia's parents died, but not before giving her the info she needs to plug the only known portal to Hell: Frank's hotel. But can she really win the battle armed with foggy notions of spells? 


A naive demon who does not seem to be be aware that demons are supposed to be evil, Plinth wants to be friends with everybody. Will her attempts to befriend Frank and Eugenia only make everything worse? 

Season 1

Episode 1: Uzbegyll
The first episode of a brand new supernatural comedy. The place: Hollow Grove Hotel, a lovely establishment that's been the site of only a few (dozen) murders over the years. Also, it stands over a portal to hell, so it might have a minor demon infestation. But, no bedbugs!

Episode 2: The Business Center
This episode: cursed software! Baby demons! A cliffhanger ending!

Episode 3: Purgatory
This episode: Singing! Horrific demon-spawn! Friendly demon-spawn!

Episode 4:
This episode: We sample a demon's cooking! A diabolical radio! Potions! And, a shocking twist in the story.

Episode 5: The Secret Weapon
This episode: Chores! Evil mold! A hotel guest who has a dark secret! And, gummy worms!

Episode 6: Fish Bowl
This episode: Hell goldfish! Tea! Plinth goes on an adventure!

Episode 7: Plinth
In this episode: Gargoyles! Dandelion pancakes! Demon possession!

Episode 8: Baby Plinth's First Day
In this episode: Hellhounds! Temp work! Luncheon! A lava lake!

Episode 9: Owls
In this episode: Ghosts! Owls! A tour! Owls! Snacks! Also: Ooooowwwllsssss. 

Episode 10: The Uncloseable Portal
In this episode: Zombies! Angry townspeople mobs! Walkie-talkies!

Episode 11: Within the Hell Portal
In this episode: Time Travel! Evil conniving! Vacation!

Episode 12: Eugenia's Magic Diary
In this episode: Showdowns! Choices! The end to season one's story!

Season 2

Episode 13: The Meeting Room Awakeneth
In this episode: A new season! Mysterious rooms! Evil omens AND portents!

Episode 14: The Meeting Room Sniffeth
In this episode: Subterfuge! Nose plants! Fireworks!

Episode 15: The Meeting Room Ascendeth
1601546 In this episode: Betrayal! Hell HR! Lunch!

Episode 16: The Meeting Room Bargaineth
In this episode: Revealed secrets! Spirit channeling! Cake Recipes!

Episode 17: The Meeting Room Retreateth
In this episode: Diabolical cake recipes! HR Training Videos! And: a twist ending!

Episode 18: The Meeting Room Devoureth
In this episode: Frank returns! Cake madness! A shocking season finale!

Season 3

Episode 19: Evil Broccoli
In this episode: A new season and a new friend/enemy! Broccoli! Cursed lava!

Episode 20: Imaginary Friends Aren't Real
In this episode: Monsters! Ice cream! Imaginary Friends!

Episode 21: History is Boring
In this episode: In this episode: History! Therapy! Demonic sneak attacks!

Episode 22: Planning is Pointless
In this episode: In this episode: Betrayal! Singing! Plastic Pumpkin Heads!

Episode 23: Halloween is NOT Scary
In this episode: In this episode: Halloween! Candy! School! Betrayal! Friendship!

Season 4

Episode 24: Maybe DON'T Open the Evil Book of Evil
In this episode: Snacks! Demoncon! Buffets! Ancient unknowable deities

Episode 25: Hollow Grove Paranormal
In this episode: The gang is on TV! A mystery! Hidden peanut butter!

Episode 26: Super Mega Hit Video
In this episode: It's a flashback episode! Videos! Accidental summoning! Gum!

Episode 27: The City Hall Job
In this episode: Mustaches! Toilet floods! Bad guys! Ice Cream!

Q&A with That Damned Hotel Writer John Marks

That Damned Hotel is the longest running serial series by The Pulp Stage, a delightful comedy set at a hotel with demonic clientele. We sat down with writer and star of the series, John Marks.

To see episodes of That Damned Hotel, see The Pulp Stage YouTube Page. To download the podcast, go to Apple Podcasts.

Q: Your long running series is called That Damned Hotel. Tell us about what the story of it is. 

A: That Damned Hotel is set in an old hotel in Hollow Grove, a hotel which was unfortunately built directly over a portal to Hell. This causes many demon-related problems for the show’s heroes: Eugenia, a demonhunter; Plinth, a baby demon; and Frank, a human with chronic stress (worst superpower ever).

Q: This series precedes the more recent development of The Pulp Stage serials including William Berk's Beaten Path. How did it come about? 

A: I wrote the pilot for the show while working graveyard shift at a hotel in downtown Portland. So many truly bizarre and unbelievable and scary things happened at that job that I started cataloging them, then added in the demonology and Hell stuff (thanks, religious upbringing!). I was looking for a good opportunity to create a serial podcast ever since I joined Pulp Stage, and this story turned out to be it!

Q: This series is now in the third season! How has the concept and the characters developed in that time? 

A: When we first met Frank, Eugenia, and Plinth, they were immature and individualistic. Now, they’re slightly more mature and aware of their capabilities—but most importantly, they see each other as family. Somehow, they’ve bumbled their way through such enemies as an archdemon and Frank’s mom--and this season’s antagonist, a teenager demon (duh duh DUH). The hotel now also has a Hell Portal in the lobby, which opens up the possibility for any infernal creature to pop through and cause mayhem.

Q: This series is regularly hilarious with a consistent comic voice. How do you maintain all of the characters’ voices throughout the long run of the series?

A: Matt Haynes and I work together on developing the episode outlines, and we’re always trying to think of ways to top the action of previous episodes and take the characters on new journeys with surprising ends. It helps that the three characters started out with almost no skills whatsoever, so there’s been LOTS of room for growth! Writing the characters consistently while showing growth has been a new skill for me, and I have Damned Hotel notebooks full of agonizing to prove it.

Q: How did your initial idea evolve in the Pulp Stage workshopping process?  Was there anything that was a surprise to you?  Anything that came out just like you intended from the start ?

A: I originally wrote the first episode as a one-off short play. We workshopped this in the Tuesday Reads room, everyone enjoyed it, so we decided to keep creating episodes! I continue to workshop each episode with either our Tuesday Reads group or the Sunday Writer’s Room.

The biggest surprise was Plinth. She was meant to just be a one-episode antagonist, but she QUICKLY took on a life all her own and I realized that she belonged in the team.

Many of my expectations for the show have gone out the window, however I always hoped to see the Frank, Eugenia, and Plinth create their own dysfunctional family together; and that really seems to be happening!

Q: You also star in the series as the hotel runner Frank. How is it being your own leading man? What do your fellow co-stars bring to the project?

A: Playing Frank makes my neck hurt. Other than that, I love playing him, although it can be difficult to stay out of ‘writer mode’ when playing.

Kaia Hillier and Jacquelle Cherise, who play Eugenia and Plinth, are IRL best friends and a literal comedic team in real life; and you can sure see that chemistry in the show! Molly Gregerson, who played Uzbegyll in season one, now directs the show episodes. Having such talented women who love the show and were involved from the beginning is one of the secrets to its success.

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