Come help our garden grow


How and why we'd love you to volunteer for The Pulp

Volunteering adds to our storytelling journey. Whether on the screen, behind the screen, or assisting an admin, maybe as an admin, every person’s role is crucial to The Pulp Stage’s path to delight and to excite the community. It is important to us that you as the volunteer are enjoying the work or tasks you have decided to help us with. We are always open to feedback and shifting roles or tasks as you are inspired to shift within the company.

Currently we would enjoy help with:

Vetting (specifically BIPOC identifying) Playwrights 

Reading plays in your own time and determining if the playwright writes engaging and exciting dialogue that can stand alone without stage directions, set, or costumes. We are specifically looking for BIPOC identifying volunteers, but welcome anyone who is interested. 

Time commitment: 1-2+ hrs a week or as able to each week 

Assistance with Fundraising

Reaching out to donors, maintaining Patreon, helping build and create Indiegogo campaigns, and spreading the word on social media. 

Time commitment: to be discussed with Pulp team 

Board Opportunity

Interested in learning what it is like to be on a Board? Have Board experience and want to participate in some of our decision making? Identify with the BIPOC community? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions and you're interested in learning more please reach out for more details! 

Time commitment: about 3hrs a month. 2 for the meeting and 1 spread out for replying in slack/email or other Board business 

Interested in any of these? email Colleen Socha at

Maybe you want to help but these aren’t what you’re interested in? Please reach out to Colleen Socha ( and we will be happy to see if we have an area where you can help, so that we can focus more on the above topics. Please email us if you have any other questions or to get more information about the volunteer positions. 

Company culture and community grows and lives in and through our volunteers. Some of them share their connection and comfort with The Pulp Stage below: 

"I've been volunteering for Pulp Stage for a couple of years. Mostly I've been driving equipment to the actors so they can do their parts from home by video; this can be a fun chance to chat for a bit about acting and playwriting. Sometimes I've helped to wordsmith documents. Every now and then I've gotten a chance to be part of test-reading scripts – I love to watch writers in action as they think about what works and how to fix what doesn't.

For me a key draw of Pulp volunteering is the subversive goal of making Hollywood obsolete. As I see it, first we get people hooked on these melodramas which need nothing but scripts. Then we quietly spread the idea with this style of script, people can do their own performances, and then their own writing. Next thing you know, prefabricated committee-designed blockbuster movies just don't seem to have the same appeal -- this idea makes me rub my hands in glee and cackle BWAHAHAHA. I feel like helping Pulp Stage is, in a small way, helping reclaim entertainment."

–Bennett B

"I was working as a playwright at the time on a show very dear to me. It was heavy and I was spending way too much time being by myself. Matt Haynes saw the first act of my play via zoom and offered me a spot in the writer's room - I'm not quite sure what he saw in me, but being in the room with everyone felt incredible. I loved listening to everyone's short stories and their feedback on what I was writing didn't feel like critique, or judgement, or anything critical. It was a feeling like, "we get it, writing is hard" and "we're all in this together". That's what I would say about Pulp Stage in its entirety. No matter if you are working with the administration, or the production team, or in the writer's room, or at the box office. Pulp brings that familial feeling like you are not alone and we are all in this together, we just want to tell stories."

–Jonathan H 

"I volunteered for Pulp Stage because they needed skills that were in my wheelhouse. Whatever I have given in terms of time, money and energy has been returned three-fold in the joy and satisfaction that I have found in working with the diverse, talented and hard-working people involved. I look forward to every meeting and every event that we produce, and have mad respect and love for the creators and audiences we support. Anyone who is interested in community-building will find a home and something to do that will enrich and excite them. I look forward to expanding our wonderful community further!"

–Anne B 

"The Pulp Stage has set the standard for all future companies. I go to my meetings excited to see my colleagues. I never hesitate to ask for help because my colleagues are happy to answer. I have opportunities to grow and my work is always acknowledged. I know they care! Take notes, managers!"

–Nikki L 

"The Pulp Stage is uniquely centered for people that aren't afraid to try things and aren't afraid of a little whimsy in their world. The conceit of Pulp Stage is that anyone can do theater and truly they mean it. Without the constraint of set design and focusing on words and phrases, Pulp delivers not just on genre experiences but also subverts expectation of what theater can be. There's nothing wrong with theater over Zoom. If anything it's more interactive! And that's just in front of the camera. Behind it, you can try any role to see exactly where in a theater company your skills lay and that's an amazing opportunity to really learn about theater with a new perspective."

John Mac