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IndieGoGo Update:

In September we kicked off our annual IndieGoGo fundraiser! We are still aiming for a goal of $4,000. Our theme is "S.O.S. or Save Our Stories!" Our goal is to be able to fund our helping artists more and create more shows for your delight! Stay tuned to our social media pages for campaign updates and info on perks!  

Usually our perks include That Damned Hotel paraphernalia, particularly focused on Plinth in some cases. We also like to have a "make us watch/read/perform"  section as well as regular Pulp Stage garb like coasters and T-shirts. Sometimes we have spells by Eugenia or recipes by Plinth! There might be some perks involving reserved seating, air time for virtual shows, or even a Pulp Show brought to you (home or virtual!) We have an exciting perk list and if you are feeling particularly generous we have a "Let's Make a Deal" perk that let's you pick and choose your perks!

Thank you for exploring our website and what we have going on! Currently our main source of income is through donations. Your support helps us bring in more talent, explore more programs, continue diversity training and more! There are four different ways you can contribute to our exciting way of sharing simple but engaging stories!

Maybe you don't have that extra income to share. That's okay! What we appreciate most is our happy and delighted audience members who tune in and attend our shows or listen to our podcasts. Our shows and podcasts are free to access and your views and shares are just as supportive, so thank you. =]

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