Treachery Island

A comedy series by Greg Lam where reality show politics meet the apocalypse. 

The participants of a competitive reality show similar to but legally distinct from Survivor are recording their season finale on a secluded island when news of a catastrophic event reaches them. Now, on this remote island, this reality show cast and crew are forced to actually survive.

Recorded over two days, during live recording sessions broadcast to YouTube and then released on the Pulp Podcast

See links to every episode and an interview with show creator Greg Lam below.

Latest Episode

Episode 10

In this episode: It all comes to a head! Revelations! Showdowns! The End of the World! Again!
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Meet The Characters of Treachery Island

Treachery Island is a series set on the set of competition reality show that is similar to, but legally distinct from, Survivor. As such, we have the full compliment of characters familiar to Reality TV viewers.

Brant, The Frontrunner
Charismatic and guileless. Brant has floated to the top of the game by being the best at the physical challenges set forth by the producers and staying out the politics of it all. How will he adapt to the new reality?

Angela, The Mastermind
The cunning gameplayer. Strategic and observant. Has risen to the top of the game through masterful strategic moves. Surely that means she'll be rewarded at the end. Surely.

Kristian, The Host
Smarmy and full of himself. Actively despises the franchise which has brought him to fame while enjoying the position it brought him. Expects the status to remain the same.

Frieda, The Techie
The harried technical director of the show. Is the first to know what happened... out there.

Margo, The Copter Pilot
Takes all the beautiful aerial shots of the island. Has the best view of the carnage.

Gina, The Jury Member
The cranky eliminated contestant. Was looking forward to getting the hell out of the this place.

Kelsey, The P.A.
A lowly production assistant, at least before... you know.

Matilda, The Executive Producer
The shadowy power behind the show. Presumed missing.

Season 1

Episode 1

In this episode: On a secluded desert island where a certain popular reality competition is being filmed, the finale is interrupted by... something.
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Episode 2

In this episode: While the contestants press for more answers, the host goes to get a better view, and he 's not prepared for what he sees.
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Episode 3

In this episode: While the host tries to restore order in the new situation, the eliminated contestants have different ideas.
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Episode 4

In this episode: A new world order has been established!  But some people aren't as happy with it as others.
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Episode 5

In this episode: One contestant tries to challenge the new status quo. But will the other one support the insurrection?
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Episode 6

In this episode: Sentenced to exile from the island, that surely means doom. Surely.
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Episode 7

In this episode: One contestant has seen behind the curtain. But does she like the view?
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Episode 8

In this episode: While one contestant learns the secret of the island, the other starts a new quest.
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Episode 9

In this episode: So... apparently pulling a gigantic hoax on the world might have some consequences or something. Who knew?
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Episode 10

In this episode: It all comes to a head! Revelations! Showdowns! The End of the World! Again!
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Q&A with Treachery Island Writer Greg Lam

Q: Tell us about your upcoming serial play series Treachery Island. How did you come up with the idea and why did you feel it was a good fit with The Pulp Stage’s serial series?

A: Treachery Island is an idea I’ve had as an inkling about for a while. What if, during the filming of a reality show similar to (but legally distinct from) Survivor, the actual apocalypse happened and the participants had to actually survive. When Matt Haynes suggested working on an idea to develop as an ongoing serial, I thought this would be a good fit. It’s a longer story but it can have lots of contained mini-stories within with good places to pause for suspense and surprise.

Q: So it’s a reality show parody and an apocalypse play?

A: Yes, I like mashing up genres and I toggle back and forth between those modes frequently. I freely traffic in reality show tropes, the one who’s “not there to make friends” and the vacuous host, for two, and in end of the world tropes as well. I’d say it’s more toward the comedic end of the scale than the horrific end, with an eye for serial adventure. It’s a fun pulp romp.

Q: How did your initial idea evolve in the Pulp Stage workshopping process?  Was there anything that was a surprise to you?  Anything that came out just like you intended from the start?

A: Even though I had this idea in mind for a while, the way the plot unfolded involved a lot of discoveries and changes in direction along the way. I didn’t even decide upon what type of apocalypse it should be for a while! There are twists in the plot that I did not plan from the start, that were just as a delightful discovery for me as I hope it is for the audience. The Pulp Stage workshopping process is so good at suggesting possibilities and refining ideas.

Q: Can you enjoy this play even if you haven’t seen and/or never want to see Survivor?

A: Yes! I’ve been assured that is the case by people who have seen readings while being complete reality show newbies. It’s full of Easter Eggs and references for hardcore reality show fans, but I also try to make it accessible for people to haven’t thought about Survivor since 2001. 

Q: Has anything surprised you from feedback from people who have seen it so far?

A: While this was written as a comic romp, in readings, one thread that surprised me was the notion of the reality show competitors being sad that their show wasn’t going to air due to the apocalypse happening and relating it to the pandemic interrupting their own endeavors which hadn’t even occurred to me. If that is you, then you should feel seen.

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